About Greg Allbright

I witnessed the power of social networking first hand when I ran for public office in 2005. Using social media, email, mobile messaging, and a website, I was able to solicit volunteers, donors, and even a few voters. While I didn’t win the race, I learned enough about how these tools can be brought together to achieve something special.

My passion is helping nonprofits and small businesses manage their digital campaigns. These industries form the backbone of our society, they employ millions, and touch the lives of even more. They are also in the best position to use mobile and online marketing tools to create efficiencies and economies of scale that will help them compete and succeed. They also have the hardest time adopting new technologies given most of these enterprises are low on staff, time, and resources.

My greatest strength is generating fun and cost-effective strategies for creating content, the lifeblood of any social media campaign. The words, photos, and videos you use to tell the story of the good you do and why your product or service is needed will be the biggest reason your campaign succeeds.

Connect with me on LinkedIn today.

Greg Allbright – greg@gregallbright.com – 214.208.0923

Recent Speaking Engagements
– University of North Texas, Nonprofit Marketing
– National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference
– DFW Nonprofit Communicators Conference
– Center for Nonprofit Management “501C3 Club”
– DFW/AMA Nonprofit Special Interest Group


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