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Facebook has become our collective conscience. Is that a good thing?

August 4, 2014

Over the weekend a Mom posted on Facebook a response to the ugly comments she received for baring her stretch marks while at the beach. Since then the post has been liked, commented, and shared more than a million times, and was seen by millions more. She received support and encouragement for sharing the update… Read More ›

Facebook Advertising for Small Business; To Boost or Not To Boost.

Now that Facebook has gone public they have rolled out lots of new ways to increase their revenue. Most of those involve advertising through the Facebook Ads Manager. For an SMB owner the ‘Facebooks Ads Manager’ can be a daunting back end program to understand and use successfully. Recognizing this Facebook has created an ad… Read More ›

LinkedIn Will Deliver New Prospects to Your Inbox

How much would it be worth to your business to have LinkedIn email prospects to your inbox each week? Good news. That feature is available on LinkedIn, and it is part of the free membership. When you sign into LinkedIn, the big white search box that says “Search for people, jobs, companies, and more” can… Read More ›

The tech. that will (eventually) kill the QR code. Thankfully.

This product review of a new mobile app and imaging technology by Richo may or may not be the ax that kills the QR code, but it’s certainly blazing a path that direction. Imaging technology has advanced so quickly and effectively that 2D images like a QR code are no longer needed, and will feel… Read More ›

How to get employees to utilize social media so it impacts your bottom line: A logical 5 step process!

Originally posted on Sara Moore:
Nowadays, allowing your employees to use social media to promote your company is very common.  As a business owner, however, it is quite scary when you are just starting out.  Sometimes, there are people on your team that don’t necessarily represent your company the way you want them to.  So,…

What Happens When Over 1,000 Social Media Marketers Meet in San Diego?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Half way through the last day of Social Media Marketing World someone next to me said how impressed she was with how things had been run at the conference for a first time event. “What did you just say?” I asked. She had to repeat it, and assure… Read More ›

What nonprofit content rocked your world?

Did a video from a worthy cause compel to you share it? Did a powerful photo-set urge you to send in a donation? Was someone’s passionately worded letter the impetuous you needed to become a volunteer? I’m compiling the world’s greatest nonprofit social media content (videos, photos, etc) that was effective at delivering a message… Read More ›

Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook — I.M.H.O.

See on – Online Marketing – Content and Curation Matt Haughey in his article below captures the feeling I have always had about Twitter vs. Facebook. On Twitter I follow only those people who have something interesting or thoughtful to say. On Facebook, 80% of my “friends” are people I”m obligated to follow out… Read More ›

Social Media 101 for Sales Professionals

Sales people can be great networkers, but need to know the linear steps to take so they get something out of it the process. Sales folks want to have a checklist of things to do and if they compete those things they want to know they will be successful. Since social networking works differently, by building relationships over time, sales pros need to see it a different way. When they see it as building a pipeline for future business development, and more, they catch on quick.

Time to update your social media policy, or the NRLB will get you!

See on – Online Marketing – Content and Curation Nothing screams exciting like social media policy articles, but this one provides an update on things for corporations to consider in light of the recent NRLB’s ruling on Costco’s social media policy. See on