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Facebook Advertising for Small Business; To Boost or Not To Boost.

May 6, 2014

Now that Facebook has gone public they have rolled out lots of new ways to increase their revenue. Most of those involve advertising through the Facebook Ads Manager. For an SMB owner the ‘Facebooks Ads Manager’ can be a daunting back end program to understand and use successfully. Recognizing this Facebook has created an ad… Read More ›

LinkedIn Will Deliver New Prospects to Your Inbox

How much would it be worth to your business to have LinkedIn email prospects to your inbox each week? Good news. That feature is available on LinkedIn, and it is part of the free membership. When you sign into LinkedIn, the big white search box that says “Search for people, jobs, companies, and more” can… Read More ›

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Five Reasons NOT to Hire a PPC/SEM Company

As a business owner you wear many hats. One of them is marketer and while you know PPC/SEM will help your business you don’t have the time or energy to learn it yourself. You’ve convinced yourself it’s time to hire an agency. Before you start paying a monthly fee and that initial setup fee, ask… Read More ›

Social Media 101 for Sales Professionals

Sales people can be great networkers, but need to know the linear steps to take so they get something out of it the process. Sales folks want to have a checklist of things to do and if they compete those things they want to know they will be successful. Since social networking works differently, by building relationships over time, sales pros need to see it a different way. When they see it as building a pipeline for future business development, and more, they catch on quick.

How Can Small Business Be Socially Responsible? feature

This is the first of several featured articles on the bigBANGTx event June 16th in Dallas, Texas. For more information visit the website, or follow them on Twitter @bbangtx. One of the most exciting events in Dallas, for nonprofits and small business alike, is the bigBANGtx conference hosted by Dallas Social Venture Partners. The idea… Read More ›

Why should a business be on Twitter? Customers, Conversations, and Website Traffic

One of the questions I get when talking to a potential client is “Why should they spend time on twitter”. The three things I tell them are customers, conversations, and website traffic. Their customers are on Twitter right now: – talking about your products and services and – telling their followers what they like and… Read More ›

Why I Kicked Facebook To The Curb!

Here are a few reasons why I’ve switched back to a blogsite for my main website. 1. Blog posts are better produced in a blog than in Facebook Notes.  (sounds like such a no-brainer now) 2. Facebook Fan Pages are as customizable as I needed 3. Google Search results still prefer blog posts on websites… Read More ›

Customer Retention Increased Using Social Media – Small Business Case Study

Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik experienced significant drop off of customers from its younger age music classes into older ones. The main reason parents cited for this drop off was that as their children grew older they were able to take different types of classes and activities that they could not do as toddlers such as sports, individual music, dance, etc. Soundsteps wanted to transition more children from younger classes to older ones.

6 Tools For the Nonprofit or Business Owner To Quickly Boost SEM

Ben Parr at has a very helpful piece out on how to boost your websites’ Search Engine Optimization. Why is this important for a small business or nonprofit? Mr. Parr highlights the continued reliance on search to drive business when he says: If you only have time to do one of these fixes I… Read More ›

Raising Money and Awareness Using Foursquare

Allyson Kapin has a great article out on Network For Good about this subject.  Below are  some of her ideas on using this emerging technology.  I highly recommend reading the whole article here. “How can nonprofits (big or small) start raising money or connecting with constituents on geo-location social networks like foursquare and Gowalla? Rosenberg… Read More ›