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The tech. that will (eventually) kill the QR code. Thankfully.

January 9, 2014

This product review of a new mobile app and imaging technology by Richo may or may not be the ax that kills the QR code, but it’s certainly blazing a path that direction. Imaging technology has advanced so quickly and effectively that 2D images like a QR code are no longer needed, and will feel… Read More ›

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Five Reasons NOT to Hire a PPC/SEM Company

As a business owner you wear many hats. One of them is marketer and while you know PPC/SEM will help your business you don’t have the time or energy to learn it yourself. You’ve convinced yourself it’s time to hire an agency. Before you start paying a monthly fee and that initial setup fee, ask… Read More ›

What Happens When Over 1,000 Social Media Marketers Meet in San Diego?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Half way through the last day of Social Media Marketing World someone next to me said how impressed she was with how things had been run at the conference for a first time event. “What did you just say?” I asked. She had to repeat it, and assure… Read More ›

What nonprofit content rocked your world?

Did a video from a worthy cause compel to you share it? Did a powerful photo-set urge you to send in a donation? Was someone’s passionately worded letter the impetuous you needed to become a volunteer? I’m compiling the world’s greatest nonprofit social media content (videos, photos, etc) that was effective at delivering a message… Read More ›

113 Social Media People in Dallas You Should Follow

I was fortunate enough to attend the “Results Oriented Social Media Summit” hosted by Level Ten Interactive and Giovanni Gallucci, September 7-8th. The summit had classes that covered everything from creating video content to using social media during live events. All off the classes I attended were helpful, had excellent speakers, and an engaged audience…. Read More ›

Twitter Success in 8 Minutes a Day

Being successful on Twitter is about making quality connections. You don’t need to tweet all day.  By focusing on RT’s and @mentions, search, and your follower feed, you can accomplish a lot in a short time.  Keep keywords in mind before you start tweeting to keep you focused. [two_thirds] $100 Worth of Social Media Products… Read More ›

Social Media Tips For Small Business : 5 Ways To Get Google Reviews From Your Customers

Social Media Tips For Small Business : 5 Ways To Get Google Reviews From Your Customers – Dallas, Texas Google Places has made several changes recently that will affect what customers see when they search for your business.  Previously, Google pulled in third-party site reviews to supplement your reviews on Places. Those third-party sites are… Read More ›

5 Thoughts On How People Are Really Using LinkedIn, and Why It Matters To Your Business.

5 thoughts on how people are really using LinkedIn, and why it matters to you and your business. Online marketing tips for your small business from Dallas, Texas.  By Greg Allbright Lab42 a marketing research company, surveyed 500 LinkedIn users about their use of the professional networking site. 1. Only 35% check the site each… Read More ›

Your Facebook Fans May Not Be Seeing Your Posts

Online Marketing Tips For Nonprofits and Small Businesses about Facebook From Dallas, Texas Facebook has changed the default setting on the news feed to limit the posts people see only to those they interact with most. That means if your business has a fan page the posts may not be seen by people that have… Read More ›

Not sure what to tweet? Take a photo! Nonprofit Social Media Help in Dallas

This nonprofit social media article was originally posted on the Dallas, Texas –  Center for Nonprofit Management’s website. Not sure what to tweet? Take a photo! Facebook and Twitter are powerful ways for your nonprofit to raise awareness and keep your supporters aware and engaged in the good works you perform pursuing your mission. They… Read More ›