Facebook Advertising for Small Business; To Boost or Not To Boost.

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Now that Facebook has gone public they have rolled out lots of new ways to increase their revenue. Most of those involve advertising through the Facebook Ads Manager. For an SMB owner the ‘Facebooks Ads Manager’ can be a daunting back end program to understand and use successfully. Recognizing this Facebook has created an ad type called “Boost Post”. It’s built directly into the Facebook page when creating a post. By clicking the boost post button and answering a few details, you can run an ad through your Facebook page without much hassle.

Understanding how “Boost Post” works is important to understanding when it’s right for your business. When you boost a post from your Facebook page, it delivers that as a sponsored post into the News Feeds of people who like your page, and their friends. It also allows you to target a different audience based on location, gender, age. etc. For the purposes of this article, we will only look at whether it’s right to deliver ads to your current “likes” and their friends.

facebook-small-business-boostIn order to maximize the value of your ad dollars in a “Boost Post” your business should be considered one of two groups, global brands that everyone knows and uses; i.e. Coca-Cola or Pepsi, or hyper local businesses like a single owner retail store. The reason for this big disparity in types is because of the audience that receives the ads.

Let’s say you are a one store trendy clothing boutique in a small city. It’s safe to assume that the only people that have liked your page are people who live in that city and have frequented your store, making it likely that their friends are also people who live in that city and might be likely to frequent your store as well. If that describes your business, then Boost Post might be right for you.

There’s one other important ingredient to determining whether to boost post, and that’s the post content itself. Since the ad will be delivered in the news feed as a story, it’s not likely to generate lots of click throughs to a website, or “Likes” for your page. What you will likely get, are likes, comments, and shares for that post.

Engagement is great, but at this point you should ask yourself where the value is in receiving a like, comment, or share to your business. There is a small amount of value in getting likes and comments because that creates social activity that other people will see and potentially help your business. But the big benefit comes when you have a post likely to be shared with others.

A post that’s shared with others gains new life in front of new audiences. It takes your content into new networks of people that might be different from who has already liked your page and their friends. This is a powerful new area and the a big benefit using Facebook Boost Post to your post content.

So, if you intend to Boost Post, you want that content to be something likely to be shared by others. This could include special offers and incentives, funny videos or heart-warming photos, or anything special or unique that will make people share that content. To get a good idea about what people are likely to share, take a look at your own feed and track the type of content your friends share with others.

Facebook Boost post can be an easy and effective way for you to gain notice for your business if you know when it’s right and for the right type of content.

Have you used Boost Post?


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