LinkedIn Will Deliver New Prospects to Your Inbox

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linkedin-for-business-sales1How much would it be worth to your business to have LinkedIn email prospects to your inbox each week? Good news. That feature is available on LinkedIn, and it is part of the free membership.

When you sign into LinkedIn, the big white search box that says “Search for people, jobs, companies, and more” can be used as a powerful tool for prospecting. When you enter in search terms relevant to the audience you would like to do business with, like “Retail store owner”, or “Store manager”, LinkedIn displays the top 100 search results. (You can get more with a paid subscription.)

The search results are sorted by the quality of connections you have, so 1st connections are listed first, 2nd next and so on. The search terms will come from people’s bios, work experience, or titles. On the left hand side is where you can fine tune the results to bring your ideal prospects to the top.

“Relationship” means how many degrees of connection there are between you. A 2nd there’s one person, at least, that’s you are connected to, that is connected to this person. This means 2nd connections are great prospects because someone might be able to refer or introduce you. LinkedIn will only show you “Location” and “Industry” are obvious filters that let you filter down to a specific type of prospect, whether they are in a certain geographic area or type of business.

Use these filters, plus any others, to whittle down your search so the best prospects appear on the screen. When you have your filters in place and the results you want, click “Save Search” up at the top right. That opens a window that allows you to save the result by giving the search a name you will remember, choose how frequent you want these results emailed to you, and clicking the green checkbox to save.

LinkedIn allows you to save three of these searches with the free membership, and will let you save more as you upgrade. When you receive the results in your inbox, evaluate how well the searches match your ideal prospects. If the results aren’t to your liking, try changing the filters associated with that search or the search terms you’ve used.

If it helps narrow down your search try using “quotes” to group words or a phrase like “Store manager”. This might give you better results. Keep in mind the search results aren’t perfect, and that search terms are coming from different parts of a profile, some may be more relevant to you than others.

What search terms would your ideal prospect use to describe themselves?


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