113 Social Media People in Dallas You Should Follow

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I was fortunate enough to attend the “Results Oriented Social Media Summit” hosted by Level Ten Interactive and Giovanni Gallucci, September 7-8th. The summit had classes that covered everything from creating video content to using social media during live events. All off the classes I attended were helpful, had excellent speakers, and an engaged audience.

The audience at the event, and the conversation happening on Twitter about the event (check out #rowdfw) was what impressed me enough to research and write this post. The questions participants asked of the speakers, and how they helped others in the audience was genuine, thoughtful, and thought provoking. The audience represented a wide range of interests and professional backgrounds, from lawyers to corporate marketing, from nonprofits to country band managers. This diversity gave everyone in attendance a well-rounded view of how social media is being used in different settings.

The list below is everyone that was involved with the event, and talking about it on Twitter. If anyone is missing, or should be added, let me know!



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