5 Thoughts On How People Are Really Using LinkedIn, and Why It Matters To Your Business.

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5 thoughts on how people are really using LinkedIn, and why it matters to you and your business. Online marketing tips for your small business from Dallas, Texas.  By Greg Allbright

Lab42 a marketing research company, surveyed 500 LinkedIn users about their use of the professional networking site.

Courtesy of Lab42.com

1. Only 35% check the site each day. This means that even though you posted a link to your site or service, people may not have seen it if they are not checking regularly. Posting a refurbished message directed to the same content several times a week will get more eyeballs for those checking infrequently throughout the week.

2. 81% of users are members of at least one group. I’m a big fan of groups being used to market your content. People are more likely to wade through all of the discussions and comment on those that appeal to them.  While posting updates to your feed is helpful, this speaks to posting to groups being more important.  For each piece of content you want eyeballs for, find at least three groups to post it to.

3. 42% change their profile content regularly. Updating your content is a great way to get noticed. It posts an update to your feed that something has been changed, and alerts people as to what it was so they can see for themselves. People like seeing new updates, so take this time to let everyone know about a new project, client, or interest you have. Also, people can tell the difference between a profile that’s updated and one that is not. What impression does your profile give people?

4. Only 22% (average of upper, middle, and entry level) use it for job searching or hiring. The rest use it for networking, keeping in touch and connecting with people in their industry, company, etc. People are looking to connect, so connect with them.  Use the invitations to connect others, send industry specific people questions about their industry, and connect with people in your groups. The bar for approaching someone with a connection is lowered for LinkedIn, because that’s what people are there to do, get out there and connect!

5. 22% are using Facebook for professional networking as well. This will cause consternation from some of you because you want to keep your professional and personal life separate and don’t like seeing these two worlds blur. While that is an understandable reaction, your best move is to embrace this blurring and use it to show you are human.  Create Facebook Friend Lists to limit those personal updates you only want close friends and family to see.  They are very easy to set up and will give you peace of mind.

Let me know how you like LinkedIn, and connect with me here. Hope to connect with you!


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