Facebook Advertising for Small Business; To Boost or Not To Boost.

May 6, 2014 • Small Business, Social Media

Now that Facebook has gone public they have rolled out lots of new ways to increase their revenue. Most of those involve advertising through the Facebook Ads Manager. For an SMB owner the ‘Facebooks Ads Manager’ can be a daunting back end program to understand and use successfully. Recognizing this Facebook has created an ad… Read More ›

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The tech. that will (eventually) kill the QR code. Thankfully.


This product review of a new mobile app and imaging technology by Richo may or may not be the ax that kills the QR code, but it’s certainly blazing a path that direction. Imaging technology has advanced so quickly and effectively that 2D images like a QR code are no longer needed, and will feel… Read More ›